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English Teaching Methods

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I use a variety of English teaching methods according to the studentís personality, knowledge level and experience.

  • Introduction of the English Alphabet and sounds through colorful picture books, songs and writing techniques.

  • Simple grammatical forms through easy to understand, simplified grammar books especially formulated for beginners of English.

  • More advanced grammatical forms and sentence constructing through tutorials, assignments and comprehensive text books.

  • Allowing free conversation in the class and encouraging the students to speak more in English to enable them to be generally fluent in speaking English.

  • Introducing new words, nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, similar and opposite words through pictures and graphics and actual objects.

  • Explaining the past tense, present tense and future tenses through enjoyable actions and pictures.

  • Performing interactive games and quizzes in class to enable students to learn English in a more fun filled, enjoyable and relaxing way.

  • Simple dramas and role playing done to encourage students to talk more in English and to build a sense of self-confidence within them to use English when interacting with others.

  • Comprehensive essay writing done through explanation about a variety of modern essay topics to facilitate especially high school and university students.

  • Business English, official letter writing and documentation for business correspondence will be taught for young adults.

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