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Welcome to my Website!!! My name is H a n s i k a  P r e m a r a t n e. This website was especially created to offer my services as an experienced and competent teacher of English and to disseminate my knowledge and talents to students of English. My goal in establishing this website will be that it will facilitate me to reach out to many students of English in Japan and to make them aware that learning English can be both a fun and satisfying experience which could undoubtedly open many doors to students in the future, for their personal and professional development.

I am from S r i  L a n k a by origin but completed my primary and high school education in English.  As for my higher education I was admitted to the University of C o l o m b o, S r i  L a n k a and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a first class Honours. I obtained the English Teachers Diploma from the University of Cambridge in England and I am also a professionally London qualified Chartered management accountant.


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