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English Teaching for the Whole Family

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There has been an increasing demand to learn English as a family together due to a number of advantages and benefits. There are following benefits of learning English with your whole family.

  • Ability to increase the standard of English of the whole family together.

  • Ability to practice English words and dialogues that you learn in the class at home.

  • Learn English with your family in a very relaxed and homely atmosphere which provides ample opportunity to ask questions and clarify freely as it is a private class only for your family.

  • It is relatively cheap and it is a new service that other institutions due not offer.

  • Classes can be arranged at a time flexible for your whole family.

English Teaching Methods

I use a variety of English teaching methods according to the studentís personality, knowledge level and experience to suit the Family English Class.

Teaching Fees

First Lesson Free!

2 Member Family 1 Hour Class 4,000 Yen

3 Member Family 1 Hour Class 5,000 Yen

4 Member Family 1 Hour Class 6,000 Yen

The teaching hours and durations can be arranged according to the family's requirements.

Contact me

Name: H a n s i k a  P r e m a r a t n e

E-Mail: thushan777@yahoo.co.jp

Telephone No:  0 8 4 8 - 5 5 - 3 7 5 0

Mobile Phone No:   0 8 0 - 1 9 2 2 - 5 3 4 4

I assure you that learning English with me will be a very rewarding and satisfying experience and I greatly look forward to hearing from you!!!!



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