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Teaching English is certainly a joy to me and gives me immense satisfaction both on a personal and professional level. Since I obtained the English Teachers Diploma from the University of Cambridge in England, this gave me a deeper insight as to the various and newest English teaching mechanisms available.

I have been teaching English for the past 5 years both in Japan and in Sri Lanka which taught me how to adapt my teaching style to suit the studentís respective cultural background, social requirements and specific needs.

I have the opportunity to teach English for both children ranging from 4 years to senior people as much as 60 years. Although there is a great gap in the teaching style that should be used to teach this wide age range, I find it a challenge to match my techniques of teaching English with the studentsí capabilities.

In Japan I teach English in many Multinational companies like MITSUBISHI and share my knowledge to improve the standard of English of the employees of these companies so that they will be more confident to face the international business world.

For junior and senior high schools students and other adults I train them for general speaking of English, writing, and listening (using various audio tapes). I also prepare them to take international English examinations like TOEIC and TOEFL from which they have excelled wonderfully making me deeply fulfilled as a teacher.

I also teach in government organizations such as in various City Halls which are situated in cities near to where I reside. There I improve the English of government officers to help them meet the demands of public service.

I also teach in many reputed English Schools in Fukuyama and Matsunaga which gives me a lot of opportunity to meet new people and share my English knowledge with both the young and old.

I feel that Japanese students are still in lack of opportunity to learn and practice English which is essential for them to improve their careers and gain access to the global community. With this aim in mind I structure my English lessons very carefully. Childrenís lessons are filled with English educational games, flash cards, English songs and stories ensuring they are never bored in my classes.!!


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